About Us

Earth is a specialist independent strategic brand management consultancy, helping all organisations from FTSE 50 to start ups find a voice, which in turn delivers a clear brand purpose, a competitive positioning and reason for being.

Your purpose is the core reason why you exist.
Your purpose should tell your audiences what you do.
Your purpose should compel your audiences to choose you.
Your purpose should sell to your audiences who you are.
Most of all your purpose should give you the natural confidence to believe your better than rest.
Earth. Building on your purpose to give you the competitive edge.

At Earth we believe that giving organisations something to stand for increases value in real terms, equating to both an improvement in perception and increase in bottom line profit.

We are:

  • Independent

    Earth is run and led by the owners meaning we focus only on what matters to you.

    Free of shareholder expectation, our commitment to a client’s best interests is never compromised because we succeed when you do.

  • Strategic

    In an uncertain world we don’t play roulette with your business.

    Our creative thinking is disciplined by rigorous understanding of your purpose, giving your organisation the confidence your brand will deliver what it promises and ensuring its aims are relevant now and in the future.

  • Creative

    We don’t settle for what’s already comfortable, we question everything to get to the heart of your business.

    Imagination inspires every stage of our process making sure our strategic thinking, planning and execution is as creative as the work of our award-winning designers.

  • Collaborative

    Business begins with its people, so we dig under the surface to unearth new ideas at all levels of your company.

    We get to know our clients from the ground up, working diagnostically in proactive partnership to deliver objectives in line with your organisation’s values and purpose.

  • Impact focused

    We know that organisations achieve sustained positive impact when they express imaginative values by combining business and social responsibility with clarity of purpose.

    From identifying the economic value of your social strategy to defining the voice of your brand, all our work is focused on delivering a clear result by giving you ownership of the best ideas and making them tangible.

Our Work

Our Capabilities

A brand is more than a logo and a set of guidelines. It is your currency to trade, allowing customers, employees, suppliers and partners to make emotive choices when choosing products or services.

  • Purpose
  • Storytelling
  • Impact
  • Implementation

Latest Thoughts

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18 October 2018

Sometimes a good story isn’t always fiction

Most businesses begin with more than just profit in mind. Of course commercial success is critical, but a genuine belief that something can be bettered is more often the driving force behind a passionate entrepreneur.

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Our Clients

We work directly with our own clients across multiple sectors but in the true sense of collaboration, we are genuinely just as happy to work with other agencies to help their clients find their brand purpose. In this sense we have successfully partnered with a number of agencies across the disciplines to great effect.

  • BLME
  • Land Securities
  • The Northbank
  • Somerset House
  • LGT
  • Virgin Unite
  • Peabody
  • Development Bank of Singapore
  • Nutrition Society
  • Byron Bay Cookies
  • Adnams
  • Richmond
  • Pump Aid
  • Eartwatch Institute
  • K10 Converting Potential
  • Hotblack Desiato
  • Kings College
  • Victoria BID
  • Singapore Government
  • Deloitte
  • St Martin in the Fields
  • City University London
  • University of London
  • CreativeWorks London