Sometimes a good story isn’t always fiction

The best brand stories are often the ones that have not been dreamt up.

Land Securities - Brand Story

Most businesses begin with more than just profit in mind. Of course commercial success is critical, but a genuine belief that something can be bettered is more often the driving force behind a passionate entrepreneur.

As businesses grow these initial drivers often become diluted, or even lost in a fast-expanding infrastructure. This inevitably results in a brand positioning and marketing strategy that forgets the purpose and the story that created the business in the first place.

At earth we believe in rediscovering the founding principles of a business and releasing the equity inherent in those values and their purpose. This allows brands to create valuable, credible brand stories that are more compelling, believable and engaging for their audiences.

By expressing brand stories directly from the heart of the company, organisations can create a deeper emotional engagement, building trust, loyalty and yes profit in the longer term.

Example: Land Securities

Land Securities Brand Story
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