We hope that we’ve given you a clear understanding of what we do and how we work, but if there’s anything you’d like to know more about, please ask us...

How is Earth different from other brand and corporate communications consultancies?

The essence of what we do is captured in our strapline, Building Brand Confidence. Our goal is to discover an organisation’s existing assets, values and stories and showcase them consistently in compelling ways inside and outside the business. The net effect of our work is to elevate brands to a higher level, giving them a competitive advantage.

How do you describe your overall approach?

The hallmark of Earth’s approach is to be diagnostic—rather than prescriptive—right from the start. When a client tells us they need a new website, for example, we dedicate time to be methodical and ensure our work is aligned with organisational vision, goals and messaging—preserving the integrity of the brand.

Before digging into production, we roll up our sleeves to ask questions and spend time with key stakeholders. This may take the form of a discovery workshop or several interviews with the most relevant people. Often, this can surface internal viewpoints that aren’t always aligned with each other. And that’s one of the goals of our approach: to ensure all viewpoints and needs are considered, and to devise solutions everyone can agree on.

What range of services do you provide?

Earth provides a range of branding and communications services; everything we do, however, is backed by strategic thinking about how specific tactics and deliverables align with overarching goals as well as, of course, the brand itself.

The services and deliverables we provide include, but are not limited to: communications strategies, branding launches and re-launches, including positioning, content development, brand messaging platforms, as well as digital and print products, from multimedia creation and website launches to annual reports, packaging and event creative as well as copy writing and copy editing.

Who do you normally work with in an organisation?

Earth works with both communications and marketing directors, but we also work closely with senior decision-makers involved in sustainability, corporate responsibility, IT, as well as directly with CEOs, chairs, and partners of a range of organisations.

We have invested in a rebrand within the last 12 months. Why should we consider you?

A re-brand often includes a refreshed identity, a new strap line together with new corporate guidelines and messaging. To maximise the return on this investment, Earth specialises in working with companies to help shape brand assets into sales tools, so they work harder for an organisation. We work to give sales and marketing teams authentic and statistically backed stories that prove points of difference in the market place.

What is an employer brand?

We’ve defined brand confidence as “knowing what your brand stands for, the value it provides, and communicating consistently to your target audiences.” We believe an employer brand should do the same for employees as well as jobseekers. A strong employer brand is one that authentically reinforces the benefits of working for a company, its culture and values, and positively reflects its current workforce, as well as the new employees it wants to attract.

We invest a lot in recruitment already, why do we need to invest in an employer brand?

An employer brand is the best way to invest in below-the-line advertising. A company’s employees are its single biggest asset, and investment in cultivating as well as motivating an inspired and productive workforce helps lead to increased staff retention and engagement, attract the best candidates and reduce costs related to turnover and poor performance. Earth has proven experiencing developing strong employer brands, backed by real organisational investments and positive stories from across the business, increasing the lure of our clients as employers.