Our purpose We help more businesses do more good

We believe it’s business that can solve the planet’s problems…

The resources, talent and influence held in the world’s businesses can be harnessed as a powerful force for good.

If Coca Cola switched back to glass, 100 billion throw away plastic bottles would not end up in landfills and oceans.


… and it’s in businesses’ own interest to do so.

When positive impact is woven into the heart of a brand – and activated – it creates genuine competitive advantage. When purpose leads, profit follows.

Since 2008, M&S have saved over £750 million through its Plan A commitment designed to make the company more socially and environmentally sustainable.


In fact, we believe that this is the only way for businesses to survive in the long term


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    It saves costs

    Sustainable options – such as packaging, sourcing and in the supply chain – can create efficiencies that aren’t just better for the ecosystems and communities they affect, but actually reduce costs.

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    It gives you a competitive edge

    Today’s consumers are looking for more from brands: they’re looking beyond price, to make choices based on the social and environmental impact of the products they’re buying. Which means brands that can demonstrate genuine positive impact are rising to the top of their sector.

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    It attracts and retains talent

    For many of today’s employees, a great paycheck won’t cut it anymore. More and more people are looking for work with purpose – which has been shown to improve engagement and satisfaction at work.

“Globally, 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands.”

Source: Nielsen’s Global Corporate Sustainability Report 2015

“55% of consumers believe companies have a more important role than governments today in creating a better future”

Source: Havas Group Meaningful Brands Report 2019

“Business growth among the UK’s ‘B Corps’ (purpose-led businesses) is 28 times higher than GDP”

Source: B Lab UK Report 2018

Doing ‘purpose’ right

A real purpose isn’t a one-off campaign or a token CSR programme. A real purpose lives at the heart of a brand and the business it represents – it defines how an organisation is changing the world for the better, in a way that is honest and aligned to what that organisation does. Which means it should be woven into the company’s operational fabric, not as an isolated marketing initiative.

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