Building great brand equity out of being good

Founded in 1871, Adnams has developed a UK-wide reputation as a first class authentic brewery. The business has now diversified into hospitality and retail.

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The Challenge:

In an increasingly crowded sector, finding a unique positioning is a crucial part of a brand’s strategy.

Adnams Brand Handbook

Brand Handbook

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Our approach was to make the stories and the people of Adnams the“champions” of its commitment to the environment and society.

Our Approach

A cornerstone of Earth’s approach is to discover and understand a client’s existing assets, their value and how to leverage them in new, compelling ways. We discovered Adnams had a repository of rich stories that needed to be told across the business, internally and externally. We also worked to embed Adnams’ sustainability story needed in the brand itself.

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Building Confidence:

Our aim was to elevate Adnams’ long-standing, grass-roots commitment to sustainability to play a central role in its brand story—matched only by the authenticity of the product.