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Traditionally, Cornwall has been known as a quaint holiday destination. But its public image of sea shells and sandcastles belies the tech industry revolution bubbling under its surface.

Less well known, is that Cornwall is home to the most visionary thinkers and best tech infrastructures in global business. From Goonhilly, the world’s most advanced satellite Earth station; to Falmouth University, the UK’s number one arts university; to Wave Hub, the world’s most advanced marine renewables testing site.

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Until recently, this story of progressive technology, innovative people and future-facing business, was buried beneath Cornwall’s cutesy touristic brand. So the local government body — Invest In Cornwall — decided to change that.

Through a strategic and creative collaboration between Invest in Cornwall and us, we spent the last six months repositioning the region as a global centre for modern business.

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Building Confidence:

We conducted an in-depth process of research, interviewing business owners, holding creative workshops and consulting sector specialists, to gain insights into which kinds of stories they needed to tell, to which kinds of businesses.

During this process we highlighted the region’s key messages – the seamless corporate ecosystem, the unparalleled natural resources, the wider holistic lifestyle of the people who work there – and devised creative ways of bringing them to life.

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We also isolated and rebranded six distinct Cornwall industries: SpaceTech, Aerospace, CreativeTech, MarineTech, AgriTech and HealthTech, creating a focussed and assertive way of showcasing the region’s offerings.

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The result?

A complete repositioning that speaks clearly and stylishly to next generation businesses, evolving Cornwall from a quaint holiday destination to the Silicon Valley of Europe.

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