REAL Technologies
Creating real impact through innovation

At Earth, we’re passionate about sustainability and working with those pioneering new ways to care for our planet. That means we were thrilled to work with Resourceful Earth Ltd – a specialist technology company that’s discovering new ways to release economic and ecological value from food waste.

Our first step was to learn; learn about Resourceful Earth and the science behind their story. We found out about their technologies and how they work like a stomach: using anaerobic digestion to turn commercial and domestic food waste into energy.

Masterbrand identity

We quickly identified the need to reposition the company as a technology brand instead of a recycling brand. They’re not just another evangelist for recycling in a sector often perceived to be driven more by ethics than science. Resourceful Earth is a technology trailblazer fuelled by innovation and a robust, scientific approach.

So we went to the very beginning, the name ‘Resourceful Earth’. It does not convey the cutting-edge work or the essence of what the business does. It’s also in danger of conveying the wrong messages of being preoccupied by ‘ethics over economics’ and indistinct within the renewables sector.


As a result, we evolved the name to create new meaning and avoid the cliches associated with ‘green’ branding. The initials of Resourceful Earth Limited gave us REL, which isn’t particularly meaningful, but if we add an ‘A’ for ‘Anaerobic’, we get ‘REAL’. Without compromising the strategy, the name became ‘REAL Technologies’ to accurately capture the modern, tech, bold and scientific brand position.

Working with the REAL Technologies team to understand the ambitions for the business, we articulated the brand’s purpose: “To educate by example, that proven affordable technology can be used to address climate change.”


Illustration style

This purpose sits at the heart of the business, as they develop new ways to harness the power and energy stored in discarded and unwanted material. They also harvest the heat and gases from the anaerobic digestion process to create a positive outcome, both commercially and for the health of the environment. With that, they’re creating real impact through innovation.

Building on the strategy and positioning, we designed a logo and look and feel that fully encapsulates the new REAL Technologies brand. The energy burst identity came to life through a website as well as event collateral for the 2017 Keynsham Music Festival.