Putting impact back into Tribe Impact Capital

Somewhere along the way, the true meaning of wealth has been forgotten.

This belief is embedded in the manifesto of Tribe Impact Capital – a team of wealth managers and impact specialists focusing exclusively on aligning wealth management and creation with their clients’ personal values. They believe in the old English definition of wealth: a state of plenty, abundance and personal prosperity.

Tribe engaged us to review their brand strategy, and to demonstrate ways in which their brand assets can be much more potent and effective in supporting the company’s unique positioning and promoting the positive social and environmental impact wealth can have, if invested well.

Tribe Impact Capital wealth diagram

We found that Tribe’s offering is genuinely differentiated and truly has the power to change people’s lives – yet the brand didn’t do justice to this strength.

So we set to change that: putting the impact back into the Tribe Impact Capital brand.

Tribe Impact Capital logo

The Challenge:

We were to retain Tribe’s existing strapline “A New Wealth Order” but to make sense of it, and bring it to life, we crafted a brand narrative to make sense of the brand proposition.

Working for a discerning audience, our objective was to show how self interest and social interest can complement and enrich each other, and that it’s possible to make a positive impact and celebrate your wealth at the same time.

Tribe Impact Capital brochure

This serves to help educate relevant audience groups about the meaning of Tribe’s ‘Impact Investing’ and how they go beyond the traditional approach of ‘ethical’ investments by actively selecting positive ventures that directly contribute to global sustainable development and address a social, economic or environmental issue society is facing.

Tribe Impact Capital brochure

Building Confidence:

Through research, workshops and interviews, we found a critical combination the brand must balance: being financially successful and socially conscious; communicating personal wealth and public wellbeing. We built a story around Tribe’s strapline by going back to the etymology of ‘wealth’.

Tribe Impact Capital investment themes

We addressed what ‘A new World Order’ and ‘wealth’ really mean: a currency that investors can use to generate income from their portfolios while changing the world for the better. From there, we produced a Content Bible outlining key messaging, mission and values, an updated visual language and associated narrative for Tribe to use.

Using existing brand assets, we evolved the look-and-feel to create a more powerful brand that came alive via a brochure and a fully responsive website.


We were thrilled to find out that Tribe Impact Capital has been shortlisted for ‘Disruptor of the Year’ Award by the 2017 Women in Finance Awards: celebrating those leading change, breaking down barriers, and creating new possibilities for equal representation in the world of finance. We wish them the best of luck!